Struck Gold

I struck gold on my land. An overnight millionaire with a criminal record, a bad attitude, and a motorcycle club to run. Even with all that, I think I have my life under control.

But then I see her. That’s when I realize what it’s truly like to find something priceless. Olivia is a woman I never saw coming, not when her father is the reason I caught charges all those years back. Thing is, she’s following in his footsteps, trying to catch bad guys and do the right thing. It leads her to my doorstep and into the dangerous world of my family’s motorcycle club.

She’s not one of us, but once I’ve gotten a taste of her, I can’t let her go. Olivia is trouble in a perfect package, and I know she’s the only one I want to share my fortune with.

But how can I keep her safe when she’s so determined to walk right into danger? I suppose I’ll have to stick close to her. So close, in fact, she’ll never be able to get rid of me, especially when I give her my last name.

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