Pure Gold

Luck has always been on my side. I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth and the world laid at my feet for the taking. I didn’t take it.

Even so, luck kept coming. I turned my silver spoon into a gold one. Still I didn’t care, had no real plan for my future. It would just happen for me like everything else, right? No problem.
Until her.

Savannah Moreau is the one thing in my life that doesn’t come easy. She’s also the only thing I’ve ever truly wanted. With the sheltered life she’s led, I’ll have to show her she can trust me. I know I’ll never be worthy of her, but I’ll happily spend my life working on it.

But my luck has finally run out. I’m not the only one who wants my precious Savannah and everything she has.

She needs protecting, and I intend to show her that I’ll keep her–and her heart–safe.

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