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A business transaction. One that will keep the beautiful Kennedy in my bed. That’s all this is. I’ve never been the marrying type until she walked into my life. In that moment I knew I wanted her for myself. That I’d do anything and everything to have her. Even if that included putting a ring on her and making her mine. Forever.

Lucky for me her father needs my help to save his business. I’ll give him the money he needs… but my help comes at a price. One that he’s all too happy to pay.

I always get what I want, and after seeing Kennedy, I know that I want her forever. This was supposed to be a simple business deal. Nothing more. That is until I get closer to her. Learn her. Taste her. Find out more and more until I realize I am falling in love with my soon to be wife. Now all I have to do is make her fall for me too.

Her love is the only thing I can’t buy. I could own every other part of her, but only she can give me her heart.

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