Only Christmas

I thought the idea of a fake fiancé was ridiculous. My assistant was convinced it was the only way to get my mother and the board of my company off my back.

My life is already consumed with running a hotel empire. I don’t even have time for the holiday party my mother is making me come back home for. Maybe I’m on the naughty list? Surely not.

In fact, I must have been very good this year, because when I arrive in the suite of my hotel I find one of the maids asleep in my bed. She’s a Christmas gift I never knew I needed. One I have no intention of giving back.

Now that I’ve met Aspen I realize I definitely don’t need a fake fiancé, I need a wife. I’ve never met anyone even remotely qualified for the position. Until now.

If only she’d stop trying to get away from me.

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