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Performing. That’s my entire life. It’s the one thing that gives me some sort of independence from my father. So, I do it. Without fail. I get up on stage because I don’t really have any other choice. My life consists of me acting as though I’m a living doll whose strings are pulled in perfect timing. Lately, my performances feel the same. Night after night, I dance and play for a crowd that will never know who I really am. Being on stage should give me a buffer, make me somehow safe. But it doesn’t. Danger comes in the form of a supposed admirer, one who seeks to own me, to make me his real-life doll. I fear that’s all I’ll ever be until a stranger intervenes and encourages me to be who I really am.


The arts and dancing aren’t exactly high on my list of priorities, but my mother loves ballet and music. Being the loving son that I am, I take her to the finest show that’s ever come to town. At first, I’m bored, the same way I usually am when I’m around wealthy crowds. I’m not one that likes to flaunt what I have. My time is much better spent on my ranch, taking care of my land. My boredom comes to an abrupt halt when I see the star of the show and realize right away she’s more than that—she’s the star of my life. But loving a woman like Bunny Rose isn’t free of complications. Her sweetness attracts far too many wasps, and I’ll crush any who seek to sting the soft, naïve dancer who stole my heart.

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