Love Forever

Ethan King has always focused on building his empire, but that endeavor has left little time for much else. When he sees his little brother following in his footsteps, Ethan decides to show him that a life well lived isn’t measured in wealth. But his exercise in “money isn’t everything” sends him stumbling into his own forever. One glance, and he knows he’s finally found the one thing he values above all others. Her.

Amelia Clark has never truly known what it is to be loved or cared for. She’s worked hard for everything she has, and she will keep fighting to make her way in the world despite the hand she was dealt. When it comes to matters of the heart, she keeps everyone safely at arm’s length. Her plan works perfectly until a chance encounter with a hot, mysterious bartender turns her head. When he gets too close, far closer than anyone else, she tries to pull back. When that doesn’t work, she does what she does best… runs.

But Amelia takes more of Ethan than she knows. Good thing that Ethan loves the chase, and this time, he’s going to catch his forever.

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