Beauty and the Billionaire

Being called to bail out my old college friend at a strip club for his bachelor party wasn’t a surprise. There was a reason I’d skipped out on the whole thing to begin with.

What I wasn’t expecting was to meet the woman who I want to spend the rest of my life with while I’m there. And for her to be looking like she needed some saving of her own.

Remi is irresistible, and her innocence only makes her that much more appealing. She’s perfect for me. The only problem is Remi has no clue who I really am or the things I’ll do to keep her. She might not believe in happily ever after but I’m more than willing to show her otherwise.

This book includes all five stories from the Forever Series! Just One Look, You Are Mine, Beauty and the Outcast, Beauty and the Gentleman and the NEVER RELEASED BEFORE Beauty and the Billionaire.

This series is full of all the tropes you love. You’ll get happily ever afters, no cheating, and sugary-sweet alphas that love to get on their knees.

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