Catching the Heiress


Paisley Woods

I return home from college to a nightmare, discovering my parents plan to marry me off. Rather than being forced into a loveless marriage, I grab my cat and embark on an adventurous journey to the wild west. I may be trying to find myself, but what I find instead is the handsome Jack Graysen. Or rather, he finds me.

Jackson Graysen

Finding people is what I do. I’m the best in the business at bagging and tagging runaways, missing moguls, and runaway reprobates of the rich and famous. The heiress, Paisley Woods, should be no different. At least that was my initial motive–but then I saw her. Now I don’t intend to return her. She’s mine for the taking, and mine for the keeping. The only problem is, she has no idea who I really am or that her parents hired me to find her. When she discovers the truth, I’ll use every tool in my arsenal to keep her by my side, and I have no problems playing dirty.

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