209 Wedding Ln

I was a child groom. It’s not how it sounds. I was a willing groom to a sweet girl who said she was dying. Her final wish was to get married, and I was all too happy to grant it. So right there in that hospital, two kids got hitched. It was the best day of my young life. . . Until I couldn’t find her. Until she was gone.

It broke my heart. She took the pieces with her.

I got older, but I never forgot about the little girl with the innocent smile and face of an angel. I had no idea when I took her hand that day she would guide me down a path to greatness.

Then I found her. She was alive and in Cherry Falls. I knew I had to have her, to keep her safe, and make her mine.

I just have to convince my wife to do me the honor of becoming my bride once again.

I got married when I was a kid, when I didn’t know what love really meant. But now I do, and I’m never going to let it go.

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